Free Jayne Eyre Audio Book for you to enjoy

About Jane Eyre

Enjoy Jane Eyre classic novel as a free audio book beautifully written in a first person autobiography style by classic author Charlotte Brontë. 

The novel starts with Jane’s childhood spent as a dependent relation amongst cruel relatives and then as a student at a spirit-crushing charity school. 

Jane grows to become a remarkable woman: poor and plain in an era that viewed women as little more than ornaments, she believes in her own worth and craves independence and adventure. 
She becomes governess (a nanny) to a little girl at Thornfield Hall and meets Mr Rochester. And that’s where the story really begins…

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What people are saying about Jane Eyre

“For years I’ve been saying that Jane Eyre is my favorite novel of all time–and that it is. The character of Jane is, to me, one of the most admirable and appealing fictional characters of all time. Poor and plain she may be, but her spirit is indomitable.

In an era when women were expected to be brainless and ornamental, Jane (through the words of Charlotte Bronte) refused to bow to those expectations”

“Jane Eyre makes me want to be a better person. Her goodness, her humility, her frankness, her passion, her fierce will and her moral compass are all inspiring. “

Free Jayne Eyre Audio Book for you to enjoy

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